School bus driver makes personalized Christmas gifts for students

School bus drivers know their kids and how tough winter can be, so one Minnesota bus driver has the perfect Christmas gift for the kids on his route each year – personalized hats.

For the last three years, Mike Riley and his wife, Kay, have been handing out dozens of hats to the students on his route at Hilltop Elementary School in Mound.

"The biggest thing is, kids use their hats constantly," Mike told Fox 9. 

The school’s mascot goes on the front and their name goes on the back.

"I think it's their first spirit wear they have and especially with their name on it, kind of ties them to the community and they really like it,” Kay said. 

Kay owns her own embroidery business, so the gift-giving idea was an easy fit, and it's something the kids are proud to wear.

“I'm just surprised that after three years, I still see all the kids still wearing them,” Mike said. “I love that.”

Driving a bus is Mike's retirement job. It's not really a job – it’s something he enjoys. The hats are a good reminder that little things matter and bus drivers do a heck of a job taking care of our kids.