Salon owners worried about what services can be performed when customers wear masks

Salon owners are having mixed reactions to new guidance from the state of Minnesota on what kinds of businesses can reopen starting June 1.

A salon owner in Burnsville was ready for an influx of customers once doors reopen, but there’s still confusion about what kind of services they are allowed to do.

For restaurants and hair salons the guidance was clear, but for businesses that do facials, nothing seems clear.

For Krystal Dunn, she was excited to see she could reopen, but was not thrilled to learn that she cannot do facials, which is 40 to 50 percent of her business.

Brow Bella, in Burnsville, specializes in eyebrows, permanent makeup and facials. Originally it seemed she was good to go June 1, but then the Board of Cosmetology put out that if services couldn’t be performed with a mask on, you can’t do that service.

Then, on the state website, it says the worker just has to wear a shield in addition to a mask. At this point, Dunn and likely many other business owners, aren’t sure what they can do and feel like a bit of an afterthought.

“If this lasts for some long period of time, you’re going to see a lot more businesses closing or people will try to reopen and they’ll find that they can’t keep the lights on can’t keep their employees paid it’s scary,” said Dunn.  

If her business cannot perform facials, it’s unclear how Brow Bella employees would file for unemployment assistance.