Safety issues prevent investigators from entering Minnehaha Academy

As the investigation continues into the fatal blast at Minnehaha Academy last week, crews in yellow vests and hard hats were focusing their attention on a nearby hole in the ground while gas equipment lays on the ground outside in plain view. 

The building, and the mound of debris inside, are still unsafe for investigators to enter, cutting off a key part of their inspection until further precautions can be taken.

A Master Mechanical-emblazoned van that had been at the school since the explosion showed signs of damage as it pulled away from the scene Monday, with sources telling Fox 9 that a father-son team was on site working for the company Wednesday and was interviewed by investigators last week.

Parents and community members are watching the investigation closely, waiting for answers and praying for strength as the school looks to rebuild.

"It was probably a freak accident no one could predict it," Minnehaha Academy parent Becky Thompson said.  "It would be nice to know what happened, just so it doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.”