RIP Rudolph: Bear takes on inflatable Christmas reindeer at Lake Tahoe home

One bear clearly has no Christmas spirit this year. 

David Lester from Zephyr Cove, Nevada woke up Saturday to find his Christmas decorations in disarray — and the culprit was caught on camera. 

Lester’s security camera caught the incident on video, which shows a bear taking on an inflatable reindeer at his Lake Tahoe home. The footage shows the bear hitting and squashing down the inflatable Christmas decoration.

Showing no sign of wanting to join in any of Rudolph’s "reindeer games," the video then shows the bear taking off.


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Lester posted a message on social media following the incident, writing, "Sad news, woke up this morning to Rudolph laying on the ground unresponsive. No amount of CPR or duct tape could revive him." 

Lester continued, "Upon reviewing my Ring cam video, it appears that a hungry Tahoe Bear was not in the Christmas spirit." 

Lester said his decoration was only two years old. 

RIP Rudolph.

FOX News contributed to this story.