Reading but no cooking for Mom at one fast-food restaurant on Mother's Day


Does you mom dream of running her fingers through Colonel Sanders’ frosty goatee while he whispers sweet nothings into her ear? Then KFC has the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her!

Thursday, the fast-food chain released an 83-page romance novella called “Tender Wings of Desire,” which tells the fictional story of Harland Sanders’ courtship of a young Victorian Lady.

“Paired with a $20 Fill Up featuring KFC's Extra Crispy Chicken, mothers can finally get what they want this year -- a family meal they don't have to cook, and some alone time with a captivating novella,” the company wrote of their “ultimate Mother’s Day gift.”

According to its official description, “Tender Wings of Desire” re-casts Sanders as “a handsome sailor with a mysterious past” who one day disrupts the rebellious life of one Madeline Parker.

FOX News has more on the book, plus how big Mother's Day is for the restaurant company.