Raptor Center reports more eaglets than usual injured in recent storms

Not only have recent storms fell trees and damaged houses, but they have also injured many eaglets.

The Raptor Center medical clinic in St. Paul reports more than twice the amount of injured eaglets (eagles five to seven weeks old) have been brought in this year as compared to the same time last year. Many of the eagles were injured in recent storms when their nests were knocked to the ground by wind and rain.

“When their nests came down or their trees came down people found them and people know about the raptor center—so if they don’t know, their neighbor knows and they bring them into us,” said Executive Director of The Raptor Center Julia Ponder.

Recently, a dozen eaglets were brought in to the Center. Many were found thin and dehydrated after falling from their nests and some had broken bones.

“Most of them were just normal healthy eaglets maybe 5-6 weeks of age, but not yet ready to leave the nest yet—still very much dependent on adults for their care,” said Ponder.

The majority were treated and released. The experts used a method called “hacking.”

“With a group of young eagles to provide them with a spot where they can learn to hunt—they’re provided food until they figure out how to hunt by themselves,” said Ponder. “They learn from each other and they eventually move on and go back to the wild.”

Now, only two remain at the center. Experts hope to rehabilitate them to release them into the wild, but if not they could find a home at the center.

If you see an injured raptor, you can call the Raptor Center for information at 612-624-4745 during business hours and at 612-702-9924 after hours and on weekends.