Queen Elizabeth's whisky auctioned off for $50,000

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One of the two bottles of rare whisky from the private cellar of Queen Elizabeth II was auctioned off for $50,000 by the Regions Hospital Foundation last weekend. 

The bottle of royal whisky was put up for auction at the foundation’s 26th annual Wine Auction on Sept. 19, but no one formally bid on it on Saturday, according to a news release. The foundation accepted the $50,000 bid on Monday.

The anonymous donor is now the only American to own one of the commemorative bottles of the single malt whisky, given as a gift to the queen when she visited the Bowmore Distillery in Scotland in 1980. Each year the queen gives several bottles of the whisky to charitable organizations.

The hospital plans to use the proceeds from the sale of the whisky to improve the programs at the Regions Hospital burn center.

Sarah Bazey, a former patient in the Regions Hospital burn center and current co-chair of their annual wine auction, is responsible for getting the bottles of royal whisky direct from Buckingham Palace through a Harvard business school connection.

The second bottle is set to be auctioned off on Nov. 20 by Bonham’s auction house in New York. However, the hospital says it will consider other possible bids before sending off the bottle in the hopes of raising more money.