Program Director snowshoes to work to help patients during snowstorm

A Minneapolis woman showed her dedication to the job by strapping on her snow shoes and trudging through several inches of snow to get to work Wednesday.

Michele Boyer works for the non-profit Clare Housing. She and her co-workers provide housing and essential services to low income individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

With some of their residents in need of 24/7 care, inclement weather does not slow operations.

“If we don’t show up, if we don’t get there, those services don’t get delivered and that would be unacceptable to us,” said Boyer, director of programs for Clare Housing.

Boyer knew her small electric car would be no match for the several inches that already coated the ground that morning, so she pulled out her snow shoes, grabbed her dog Milo, and started her one mile trek.

“We all thought she was crazy but we all loved her for doing it,” said executive director Chuck Peterson. “I posted on my personal Facebook page the picture of Michele and Milo saying how inspired I am to come to work every day with a staff that’s willing to snow shoe to work.”

Boyer doesn’t usually provide daily home care for residents, but Wednesday she was filling in for a co-worker who was on vacation.

“I needed to get to work and relieve the overnight staff person. She had been there for ten hours straight,” said Boyer. “I just thought getting there on the snow shoes would be a fun way to get there.”

Stopping in at two Clare Housing residences to provide assistance and support, she estimates she snow shoed more than two miles Wednesday.

“I didn’t break any snow shoeing records I don’t think, maybe a couple miles round trip.”