Police: "Multiple fatalities" in crash, huge fire involving multiple cars on Denver freeway

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DENVER, Colo. (FOX 10) -- Crews in Colorado battled a huge fire involving several cars on the roadway of I-70 in the Denver area Thursday afternoon.

According to a Lakewood Police Department spokesperson, police began to receive calls in regards to a crash on I-70 at around 4:50 p.m. (local time). The crash began when a semi collided with other vehicles, starting a chain reaction crash that started a fire.

Police are looking into what led to the semi colliding with other cars on the freeway. On Thursday night, Lakewood Police officials confirm there are "multiple fatalities", but did not provide a precise number. Earlier on Thursday, a Lakewood Police spokesperson estimated that 12 cars and three semis are involved.

This was not the only major incident along the I-70 in the Denver area on Thursday. Earlier in the day, FOX affiliate KDVR reported on a crash involving a school bus and a semi-trailer. The crash happened about three miles north of this incident.

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