Plymouth PD using #9pmRoutine to remind residents to make safety checks before bed

9 p.m. means it’s time for the news on FOX 9, but it also means it may be the right time for you to lock down your home for the night.

It’s called the “9 p.m. Routine” and it’s a social media push used by police nationwide to remind folks to make sure their homes are safe.

Police say the steps are simple, but effective and can be used wherever you live.

In places like Plymouth, where this program is debuting, thieves have been targeting homes, making it that much more important.

Preventing these kind of crimes is why the Plymouth Police Department now uses social media to tweet out what’s called the #9pmRoutine.

Plymouth Police Department joins departments from Florida to Kansas and beyond that tweet the reminders nightly.

Locking your doors and windows, closing your garage, turning your outdoor lights on, activating your house alarm and removing your valuables from your car parked outside are all part of this; you should also bring your garage remote inside.

Police say an uptick in break-ins across the metro come with the return of the warmer months and communities known for low crime, like Plymouth, can become prime targets.

It’s not just your valuables, but also your guns that should be brought in from vehicles at night, according to Plymouth Police.