Original play 'Get Me to the Polls' highlights voting challenges for people with disabilities

A local non-profit is shining a light on an important topic this election season that too often gets ignored.

It's estimated roughly two-thirds of people across the country with disabilities don't vote.

ProAct Incorporated helps people with disabilities gain the skills needed to find work, but right now several students are preparing for play aimed at getting some of their peers to the polls.

Eric Ferguson is taking on the starring role in an original play which this group of classmates helped research and write themselves. He says "Get Me to the Polls On Time" is personal.

“We are basing it on real live events that happen in this country,” Ferguson said.

It highlights the challenges people with disabilities face while trying to vote. Those difficulties range from transportation to the polls to a lack of understanding about some of the rights.

“There’s millions and millions of people with disabilities who don’t vote and a lot of people in our class have never voted,” Ferguson said. “So we thought it would be good opportunity to educate them about voting, while also making an advocacy piece that touches on the challenges that people with disabilities face.”

Lampooning current politics along with the media, the play aims to make people laugh and motivate them for the midterms.          

“What I’m really hoping, especially in the state of Wisconsin, that people realize, ‘Hey, suppressing the vote is no joke. Stop the voter id laws,” said Ferguson.  

"Get Me to the Polls on Time" marks 10 years of production for ProAct Playhouse and its 12th original play.

As part of a life skills class, co-director Matt Briggs sees his actors gaining confidence, stronger communication skills, team building and a variety of other talents that will help not only on Election Day, but every day.

“I think there are people who come to our shows expecting a lower standard then what they see at other theaters,” Briggs said. “But they make me so proud because they smash the expectations of our audience every time.”

The play "Get Me to the Polls on Time” will be performed at the Lakeville Area Arts Center Oct. 25 at 7:30 p.m.

You can reserve seats ahead of time and donations are collected at the door. The suggested donation is $15. Seats can be reserved at Lakevilleareaartscenter.com or by calling 952-985-4640.