October was a weather rollercoaster in Minnesota

It started with extreme heat and ended with snow. Minnesota's weather in October ran the gamut.

November has barely started, but Minnesotans are already reflecting on an October that was anything but ordinary. From unseasonably high heat to hail storms and first inches of snow, the month offered a 68-degree swing that has left residents scratching their heads.

John Henry, an avid golfer and boater, summed up the past month succinctly. "It sucked!" he exclaimed while keeping his golf skills sharp at Golf Zone in Chanhassen.

"Pick a day! It was all over the place," added Henry.

October started with a shocker. The Twin Cities Marathon was canceled due to unusually hot weather. Just days later, Twins fans relished the heat, sporting short sleeves at the first playoff game.

As the month progressed, the weather turned more seasonal, but not necessarily more pleasant. Heavy rain and strong winds became the norm. On the 24th, a hailstorm added to the climatic chaos. And as if to put an exclamation mark on a confusing month, the Twin Cities found themselves trick-or-treating in winter coats amid the season's first few inches of snow on the 31st.

The Twin Cities National Weather Service, the official record keepers, shared a temperature chart that reflected the month's volatility. After the off-the-charts heat in the early days, temperatures hovered around the normal range until taking a nosedive at the end of the month.

While most residents are bracing for a cold winter, some are finding ways to escape. "I'm going to cheat. I'm going to go to Georgia this weekend and play golf! I'm getting out of here," said Henry.