North Dakota family takes horse and buggy to Dairy Queen drive thru

Photo: Dairy Queen

Sometimes, there's nothing better than hitting up Dairy Queen for some ice cream on a holiday weekend.

In a photo posted by Dairy Queen, and later shared on Facebook by the Dunn County Sheriff's Office in North Dakota, a couple with kids in the backseat is seen waiting at the DQ window in a horse and buggy.

In its post, Dairy Queen wrote, "We ❤️ all of our customers! Our crew was excited to see this group come through on the 4th of July!"

Sharing the post, the Dunn County Sheriff said the photo was snapped at the Killdeer, ND Dairy Queen.

The sheriff's office wrote, "Now that's something you don't see everyday! At the Killdeer DQ! Only in ND! Hopefully, they buckled up after!"