New Target Field single-compartment bag policy starts Friday

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Starting Friday, Target Field is changing its security policy in an effort not only to keep Minnesota Twins fans safe, but also to speed up entry into the ballpark.

Last month, ballpark security changed the guidelines for metal detectors to help speed things up. Beginning Friday, the stadium is switching to a single-compartment bag policy, limiting the size and number of pockets. 

"We're required to search every bag that comes to the building here, so anything we can do to expedite that was kind of the genesis of that," said Matt Hoy, the Twins senior vice president of operations. 

Purses, clutches, drawstring bags and single compartment tote bags are fine. Even single-compartment soft-sided coolers are allowed. But, you will have to leave the backpacks, duffel bags and laptop bags at home—anything with lots of compartments. 

Officials say the new bag rules should help cut down on the amount of time required for security staff to check each person.

"Trying to eliminate those backpacks and computer bags and things that have some 15-20 pockets that take so much time to search," said Hoy.

For those traveling without a bag, the team recommends using one of the 14 "express lanes" available at all gates. 

American League Central Division-leading Twins will play three games against the Texas Rangers at Target Field this weekend in their final series before the All-Star break. The team is hoping the homestand will help them pick up some momentum.