Grey Cloud Island dead dog investigation gets stranger

Someone has confessed to dumping the eight deceased dogs on Grey Cloud Island over the weekend, according to Cottage Grove Police Department. 

Cottage Grove police stated the dogs had been left in the tree line along Grey Cloud Island Drive, within the City of Cottage Grove. Police are currently investigating it as a possible animal cruelty case. 

On the evening of Oct. 17, Cottage Grove police, in conjunction with the Animal Humane Society, conducted a search warrant at a home in Cottage Grove. Police say a person involved with the case confessed to disposing of the dogs on Grey Cloud Island. 

Cottage Grove police do not believe the individual who dumped the dogs was responsible for their deaths, nor do police believe the dogs died in Cottage Grove. 

Police say they are still waiting on necropsy results to determine the cause of death for the dogs. 

Cottage Grove police will continue to work with the Animal Humane Society and say they will be working with another jurisdiction on the investigation. 

According to police, the case is still actively being investigated to determine who was responsible for the dogs at the time of their death and the cause of their deaths.