New design renderings released for The Dayton's Project

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Design renderings courtesy of The Dayton's Project. 

Developers released new design renderings Wednesday for the lower levels of the old Dayton’s building, bringing the project one step closer to life 

The building has been dubbed The Dayton’s Project. The latest renderings show the plans for the lower levels of the 12-story building, which will house retail space, restaurants and a festival food hall. 

For decades, the building at the corner of 7th Street and Nicollet Mall was the flagship store of the Dayton’s company. The department store later became a Marshall Field’s and most recently, Macy’s. Macy’s sold the building last year for $59 million. 

The project partners are working with the State Historic Preservation Office to preserve parts of the iconic landmark. Crews have already started gutting the building and in the process have unearthed several surprises from its past, including an old marble fountain that had been covered up for years, maybe even decades. 

The history of the building has also provided some design inspiration for the project. The stair railings featured in the new renderings are one example—the developers say they were designed to reflect a 1920s art-deco feel. 

Offices will occupy the upper floors. Renderings for those plans have not yet been released, but according to the project’s website, office tenants will have access to a rooftop terrace, a health club and other amenities. 

The Dayton’s Project is expected to open to the public in the spring of 2020.