New clue adds questions to search for missing Mounds View man

Henry McCabe has been missing for nearly a month and the search for a Department of Revenue auditor continues this weekend as police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened.

The latest clue into McCabe’s whereabouts is a voicemail he left his brother shortly before his disappearance. While most of the message is unintelligible, it is in stark contrast to the hard working family man that many knew him to be.

The message was left on his brother's voicemail on the early morning of September 7th, the last day he was seen.

“It really hurt me, it really did,” Seyon Nyanwleh a search organizer said of the voicemail. “I asked the brother, ‘are you sure this is Henry?’ He said yes this is Henry's voicemail.”

The message, which appears to have McCabe crying and yelling, often incoherently, has raised questions amongst those concerned for him.

“What could possibly be happening to him and why is that happening?” Nyanwleh said. “It's also frightening why would a grown man sound like someone in distress or crying or almost begging or something. Of course it's heartbreaking.”.

Henry left the voicemail after spending some time at Ces't La Vie Nighclub in Spring Lake Park. After leaving the club, McCabe is believed to have gotten a ride to a gas station on 73rd Avenue and Highway 65 in Fridley, where he called his wife Kareen.

After making calls to Kareen and his brother, where McCabe went or why remains a mystery.

Mounds View police confirm one of McCabe's last cell phone pings leads them to New Brighton, in the area of Creeksview Park where volunteers have planned another search this Saturday.

The park is where Kareen and other volunteers will search for McCabe in hopes of uncovering the truth about what happened to the man loved by his wife, two daughters, and the community.

The search begins at 10 a.m. on Saturday at Creekview Park in New Brighton