Minnesotans can access to immunization records through new mobile app

Minnesotans can access their immunization records more easily through a new mobile app, the state health department announced Wednesday.

Through the Docket app, people can view and keep track of the immunizations they received or need in the future. This comes as a number of places or events require proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

The app enables residents with a Minnesota Immunization Information Connection record to securely view and share their immunization records. MIIC combines all immunizations a person has received into a single record, even if they were given by different health care providers in Minnesota. Docket also provides a PDF document of the immunization record that can be saved to your mobile device, printed, emailed, or texted as needed.

According to MDH, so far in 2021, the department has received over 33,000 requests for immunization records through the online form.

You can download the Docket app for free in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

MDH said anyone who wants or needs access to their immunization record and does not have a smartphone or does not want to use the app can still request their immunization record from the health department or their health care provider. You can also find it through MDH through the Find My Immunization Record webpage.