Muslim and Christian leaders recruiting 30,000 volunteers to fight Somalia famine

In an unprecedented effort, Muslim and Christian leaders have teamed up with Feed My Starving Children to bring thousands of people together to pack meals to help the famine in Somalia.

Religious beliefs may vary, but all of them have compassionate hearts, open minds and the same goal to help the starving.

With every bag that is packed, six highly nutritious life-saving meals will be served and Muslim-Christian relationships will be strengthened.

“I know that that's going to happen,” said Pastor John Spaulding of the St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church. “That our communities will pitch in and work side-by-side in this project.”

“I'm really very glad to see all those beautiful faces working on one purpose today. That's humanitarian goals and that's helping Somalia,” said Ahmed Ashur, the executive director of Al-Ihsan Mosque.

The hope is that by reaching out to all faiths, 30,000 volunteers will come together for four days to pack six million meals, making it the biggest challenge ever for Feed My Starving Children. The event will take place from June 2 to 5. 

Conditions in Somalia have been deteriorating for some time. The drought has made food scarce and over six million people need assistance with food.  The stories are heartbreaking.

“The family who has like eleven children and the father said ‘I don't have anything to serve my children, so I want to sell one of my kids.’ So, that's the day I decided to do something,” said Luul Osman, the President of Hilaac Foundation.

Organizers will need 30,000 volunteers to complete the project.

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