MSP Airport records highest daily rainfall total of 2021 during Tuesday storms

A line of storms rolled through Minnesota Tuesday morning, brining heavy rain and gusty winds. 

The storms resulted in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and St. Cloud recording their highest daily rainfall totals of the year so far.  

Rain totals

  • Cannon Falls: 3.72 inches
  • St. Cloud: 1.41 inches - highest daily total of 2021
  • MSP Airport: 1.39 inches - highest daily total of 2021
  • Chanhassen: 0.95 inches
  • Eau Claire: 0.61 inches
shelf cloud st. paul alex lehnert

A shelf cloud in St. Paul on Tuesday, Aug. 24.  (FOX 9)

The storms developed overnight Tuesday, progressing southeast reaching the Metro during rush hour. As the line tracked through,  it brought wind gusts of 40-50 mph, the highest reported gusts out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin of 63 mph. Wind has been the biggest threat Tuesday, with nickel size hail and lightning also of concern.

Tuesday's Strom System

A storm system moving through Tuesday (FOX 9)

Areas of ponding on roads caused problems for commuters, with the heaviest rain falling during morning rush hour. 

Storms progressed south and east over the course of the morning giving way to a very humid afternoon as we watch the potential for the redevelopment of isolated storms later this afternoon. 

This rain likely won't put much of a dent in the drought, but it could help prevent it from getting worse. Most of the state is in severe or extreme drought, including the Twin Cities. At this point, we need to get more than an inch of rain per week to make up for lost ground. 

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