Large snake left behind in rideshare vehicle, MPD recovers it: Video

Police officers in Minneapolis received an unusual call after a rideshare driver discovered an unwanted passenger in the car.  

The Minneapolis Police Department shared a video on Facebook of the unusual incident on Tuesday. Officers from the fifth precinct responded to the scene and found a large snake in the backseat of the car, police said. 

Police removed the snake from the car, and an officer was seen on video holding the reptile, which police identified as a boa constrictor, as it wrapped around her hand. 

 "Oh, look at the snake," said another officer who recorded the encounter. 

The MPD said they could not reach the owner, so the snake was handed over to animal control. The Facebook post didn't reveal the passengers' destination or whether they were aware they had left their slithery companion behind.

"No snakes, officers, drivers, or passengers were physically harmed," said the MPD Facebook post.  

According to the City of Minneapolis, residents are required to have a special permit for amphibians and reptiles. A permit is required for nonvenomous snakes bigger than four feet, but one is not required for snakes smaller than that.