MPD Officer Mitchell memorial service in Connecticut

A memorial service was held for fallen Minneapolis Police Officer Jamal Mitchell in New Haven, Connecticut Monday. 

Officer Mitchell's family and Minneapolis police officers, including Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara. After the memorial service, a procession brought Officer Mitchell to a cemetery for a private burial. 

A public safety memorial service was held last week at Maple Grove High School for Officer Mitchell before his body was flown to Connecticut. 

Officer Mitchell was killed in the line of duty while responding to a mass shooting in Minneapolis on May 30. During last week's service, Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara said Mitchell was posthumously awarded the two highest honors of the Minneapolis Police Department: the Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart. 

Friends remembered him as a sneakerhead and a hero, both on the job and off. He wanted to be a police officer who made an impact on the community, which is why he wanted to be an officer in Minneapolis. 

"Mitch is the hero the City of Minneapolis needed ... We must continue the legacy that he designed," his friend Officer Luke Weatherspoon said during the service. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said of Mitchell, "You lived a hero. You died a hero. And you will be remembered as a hero in our city forever."

Officer Jamal Mitchell's fiancée releases statement

Tori Myslajek released a statement via the Minneapolis Police Department on June 6:

"Our family is completely devastated by our recent loss. Jamal was our whole world. His greatest joys in life were his children: Koen, 20, Jalen, 9, Kaden, 7 and little Macen, 4. Jamal and I created a beautiful life in Minnesota, and he was deeply passionate about helping and serving the community of Minneapolis. On behalf of our family and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank our friends, neighbors, loved ones and the entire community for the continued support."

Officer Mitchell remembered by basketball group

Officer Mitchell was the heart and soul of a group who played lunchtime pickup basketball at Life Time in Maple Grove. They play every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and, even though it had existed for years, Mitchell quickly became the organizing force that kept it going.

"I can’t stop crying," said Roland Pour, who has been part of this group for years and initially invited Mitchell to play about five or six years ago. "I mean he literally just took over. He became the man." 

Mitchell quickly became the driving force, texting players several times a week to make sure they had enough for a game. The text group, which is now renamed in his honor, shows message after message from last week as Jamal confirmed that people would show.

On this Monday, just days after Mitchell’s death in the line of duty, they all turned out.

"On Monday, we’re lucky to get like five, six guys," said Morris Dennis. "Just to have about 20 in here says a lot about who he was as a person, you know."

Morris Dennis, who is an officer with Minneapolis Park Police, met Mitchell a few years ago in training. Mitchell soon recruited Dennis to join the games.

"I mean you can see my height, he probably thought I was good, but I wasn’t really," joked Dennis. "But he kept on inviting me out, so I showed up and got this group of guys, kind of like a community of brothers."

Dennis was among the massive force of officers who responded last Thursday to reports of an officer down. He quickly learned it was his friend from basketball.

After Monday’s game, one by one, players signed a basketball to be given to Mitchell’s family. 

They’ll remember him for the red shoes he always wore and the energy, enthusiasm and fun he always brought.

"We’re going to miss him," noted Pour with a heavy dose of sorrow in his voice. "And we’re not just going to let his memory die. Everybody knew him. Everybody knew him."

Minneapolis PD Officer Jamal Mitchell was recognized as a hero in 2023

Even before he ran into the line of danger the night he was killed, Officer Mitchell was already known as a hero.

Back in 2023, Officer Mitchell earned an award during his first few days on the job with Minneapolis police when he ran into a burning building to help rescue an elderly couple.

"I'm just thankful we were there to read the scene," Officer Mitchell told FOX 9 in February 2023. "Get there and do what we can to save lives. That's what I got into law enforcement to do; save lives and serve the community."