Extra patrols in Dinkytown this weekend after more trouble

There will be additional police patrols in Dinkytown this weekend after the Minneapolis neighborhood faced another bout of bad behavior by teens last weekend.

Minneapolis police say there were reports of 50 to 100 minors gathering in Dinkytown last weekend, causing disturbances. Police took steps to disperse the group, which at one point was blocking traffic on 13th Avenue SE. There was also a large fight along 13th Avenue SE at 4th Street SE.

Police say there was also the report of an armed robbery in Dinkytown.

"MPD will again partner with U of M PD and community groups to ensure a safe environment for all," a Minneapolis police spokesperson said. "Additional MPD officers have been authorized for patrol in Dinkytown, and community groups will be asked to augment these patrols. Neighborhood traffic control measures will also be utilized."

Last month, police increased patrols in Dinkytown due to similar troubles. At the time, business owners in Dinkytown said they weren't sure a temporary increase in patrols will solve the problem.

"It will help for a week – maybe two weeks," Mike Mulrooney, the owner of Blarney’s Pub in Dinkytown told FOX 9. "We really have to come up with a solution and quit saying here’s what we’re going to throw at it this week."

Mulrooney added that he felt the teenagers aren’t deterred by a police presence because they don’t believe there will be serious consequences if caught.