MN accused of trying to join ISIL to stay in jail

Another Minnesotan was in Federal court, accused of plotting to travel to Syria to join ISIL.

In a hearing Thursday, a federal judge ruled Mohamed Farah, will not be released prior to his trial, saying there was no combination of conditions that could guarantee the public's safety.

As with past hearings involving the men accused of trying to travel to fight for ISIL, there was a large group of Somali community members showing support and wondering why Farah will not be released from jail.

"We want them to continue their daily life, normal daily life as any other youth their age," said Iman Hassan Mohamud who sat that the defense table with Mohamed Farah.

Farah faces a total of four counts, including conspiracy to support a foreign terrorist group, and could be sentenced to more than 50 years in prison if convicted. The prosecutions motion also states his family new of his plans.

A recording by an informant, presented by prosecutors, has Farah saying, "She (his mother) knows where I'm going bro, that's the thing."

Iman Mohamud contests that.

"The parents told me that they knew nothing about any plan that their kids would join any designated terrorist groups," said Mohamud.

Outside of implicating his mother, the recording goes on to allegedly having Farah express his desire to join ISIL in Syria calling it "the most extravagantly violent terrorist organization in the world" and saying he would have be willing to kill federal agents if his back was against the wall.

Farah's defense attorney Patrick Nwaneri says his clients motivation were never to join a terrorist group and he wouldn't be a danger to society if released.

"They can put GPS on him so even if he attempts to (leave the county) you can always track him," said Nwaneri.