Minnesotans prepare for Women's March on Washington and sister march in St. Paul

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Photo Courtesy: Alicia Donahue

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands will march in the name of women’s rights and social justice to take the country’s newest President to task.

At least 1,000 Minnesotans will head to D.C. Friday to attend the Women’s March on Washington.

“The 20th, Inauguration Day, is my birthday, so that was like an insult to me to have this happen on my birthday,” said Diane Dodd of Eagan, Minn. as she packed her suitcase Thursday.

Dodd tells FOX 9 she gives herself a very important gift this weekend – a trip to the Women’s March on Washington.

The trip is one she takes as a loving mother to a daughter with a disability.

“My daughter Jennifer has Down Syndrome and that’s just one piece of the pie for the things that aren’t objectionable of the president-elect," she said. "Obviously not valuing people, everyone, including someone like my daughter. That’s disturbing."

Dodd is also her own mother’s caregiver.

“She’s got medical issues. Healthcare is something that our country needs to be considerate of other people for,” said Dodd.

Rights for people with disabilities, women, healthcare, the LGBTQIA community, worker’s and civil rights are just some issues Diane and her friend Sharon Thompson-Carter will march for.

The Women’s March on Washington is expected to draw 250,000 participants on Donald Trump’s first day in office.

“I hope the new administration looks out the window and sees all the women that are counting on [Donald Trump] to lead for them as well," said Dodd.

Meanwhile in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, over the past 10 weeks Women’s March Minnesota organizers have prepared for a sister march that will span a mile and a half radius from St. Paul College to the Capitol.

“The whole mission behind this march is to come out in numbers too strong to ignore for our new administration on their first day in office,” Alicia Donahue a spokeswoman for Women’s March Minnesota told FOX 9 Thursday.

“We have over 20,000 [people] confirmed and another 20,000 interested,” said Donahue.

The sister-march is one Donahue believes will be one for the her-story books.

“The day of the event Minneapolis is projected to be one of the 10 largest turnouts across the nation,” she said.

370 sister marches are expected to take place around the world Saturday.

Women’s March Minnesota have several trained march marshals who have undergone de-escalation training at the event, a medic tent with crews on stand-by, and organizers are working closely with St. Paul police to make sure Saturday’s march is a safe, family-friendly affair.

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