Minnesotan develops earthquake early warning app

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Every time an earthquake happens, the destruction makes headlines around the world.

In November, Anchorage, Alaska felt nature’s trembling wrath and for years the entire west coast has lived in fear of a major earthquake.

What does this have to do with Minnesota, you ask? Well, it starts with Wayzata native Josh Bashioum.

Bashioum worked as an emergency response team member, dealing with all kinds of disasters, including earthquakes. This lead to his fascination combining tremors with technology. All of these experiences helped him create an “earthquake early warning system” about five years ago.

His warning system is accessible by your smartphone. So far, his major customers are government agencies like the U.S. Geological Survey and businesses related to disaster response.

Soon, the high-tech tool will be put to use around the world, wherever an earthquake can hit.

It’s a major lifesaver created by a guy who started out right here in Minnesota.