Minnesota teen takes part in adolescent COVID-19 vaccine trial

Vaughn Granlund is only 13 years old and at his young age, he feels it’s important to give back to his community the best he can. That’s why he’s participating in a COVID-19 vaccine trial for young people.   

"I feel that this is important because [by participating], we can see if it’s safe for kids my age," he told FOX 9 during an interview.  

Vaughn is one of 200 teens ages 12 through 17 in Minnesota participating in a Moderna Vaccine trial for adolescents led by the Clinical Research Institute. He’s witnessed firsthand the importance of medical studies.  

"I am in a cancer research study and I’ve been in that for a number of years now," said Vaughn’s mother, Mary Granlund. "Studies are important for scientists to learn and for communities to know what is safe and not safe."   

Mary adds that she didn’t realize the significance of participating in a cancer study until recently when her friend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. Her treatment plan involves the same study Mary is taking part in.  

"She said, ‘Thank you. Thank you so much for being a part of that because in some part I feel mom is okay because you were able to be a part of that,’" said Mary. 

For Vaughn, he’s still taking it all in that he’s one of 3,000 selected nationwide. He hopes by participating that we’re one step closer to beating the coronavirus.   

"I just want to get the message out that you should try and get the vaccine so we can all get around places and we can all be together again," said Vaughn.