Minnesota State Fair kickoff: Vendors excited for fair start despite COVID-19 trepidations

Final preparations were underway on Wednesday as the Minnesota State Fair kickoff is hours away. (FOX 9)

With just hours left before the kickoff of the 2021 Minnesota State Fair, vendors were working Wednesday to take care of the final preparations. After missing out last, year, this year's fair, many people are looking to make up for the lost time.

Wednesday, the food stands were set up and fired up and the vendors all agree it’s good to be back.

"We’re just glad to be working again," said Dennis Fraleigh with Butcher Boys.

But, COVID-19 is still a concern leaving the Butcher Boys hoping the fair remains outbreak-free for the next twelve days and beyond.

"I really don’t know we’re going to kind of treat it like it’s a normal year and go from there," said Fraleigh. "I don’t know if anyone can really predict."

The Boys have been at the Minnesota State Fair for 25 years so they have their solid set of fans.

"It’s a pretty unique steak sandwich," said Fraleigh. "No one on the grounds really does it."

Of course, all the vendors are optimistic. Number one, the state fair is always fun, every single year, and there is always new things and new foods to check out. Calories to curb your cravings are everywhere, but if you want to try a little body art, there is Sole Shine Henna Body Art.

"A lot of my artists are amazing at whipping out some freestyle stuff so that’s what people enjoy the artistic ability of the artists that work here," said Deena Drewes with Sole Shine Henna Body Art.

Drewes says she's not worried at all about the COVID-19 impact, saying fairgoers will be anxious to get out and have some fun.

"We just got back from the Wisconsin State Fair and just before that was the North Dakota State Fair where people were really anxious to get back out there and have a great time, listen to some music, eat some great food, and of course get some amazing Henna from us," concluded Drewes.

And she's probably right. Without a doubt, almost everyone is grateful just to have the state fair action underway once again.

"I’m just really excited to be opening these gates again," said Danielle Dullinger with the Minnesota State Fair. "It’s been a really hard two years for us, for everyone. We’re just excited that people will come out again support these vendors if they feel comfortable doing so."