Minnesota sheriffs issue thin ice warnings after close calls

Authorities in Scott Co. issued a thin ice warning after this incident on Prior Lake Saturday morning. (Scott County Sheriff's Office)

Some Minnesota Sheriffs issued warnings this weekend after close calls with thin ice conditions.

The Scott County Sheriff and the Goodhue County Sheriff both issued warnings after ice conditions deteriorated over the weekend. The Stearns County Sheriff issued a similar warning last week

The Scott County Sheriff said there are unsafe spots and "significant" differences in ice thickness across area lakes.

The Sheriff shared a photo of a pickup truck partially submerged in the ice near Sand Point Beach on Prior Lake from Saturday morning.

Thin ice marked by officials in Minnesota.

"Many areas of thin ice on lakes are snow-covered. That makes the unsafe spots very difficult to detect and the current conditions even more dangerous for drivers and walkers," said the Sheriff in a Facebook post.

In Goodhue County, the Methodist Beach ice access was marked Sunday after thin ice was located.

The Sheriff said they will continue to monitor conditions, but that "no ice is safe ice."