Minnesota native comedian tackling anti-Semitism issue in upcoming show

As a comedian and writer, Jon Savitt has talked about everything from his dating life to his love affair with pizza, but his latest project tackles a much tougher subject with the same tool.

"Humor is really important to me,” said Savitt. “It has always been a big part of my life."

Savitt, who grew up Jewish in St. Louis Park and now lives in Washington D.C., says he's experienced both explicit and indirect anti-Semitism over the years.

He wanted to weave those experiences as well as his reactions to events, like the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, into a coherent narrative.

"I would see things like swastikas drawn on synagogues or other property or hear hateful language being thrown around,” he said. “Especially now on the internet, logging onto platforms like Twitter how just persistent that is and the language you are exposed to."

Savitt came up with a live comedy show called "Carrot Cake and Other Things That Don't Make Sense" to help start a dialogue about anti-Semitism. Even if on the surface, the subject matter appears to be no joke.

"The way I see it is laughing at something is different than laughing through something,” he said. “So I don't think anti-Semitism or hate is funny, however, I do think there is something to be said about laughing through something."

Savitt says he can't think of anywhere better to debut his new material than back in Minnesota in his hometown.

"I didn't solve anti-Semitism,” he said. “I'm a comedian and a writer in my 20's, but I think it’s important to start asking these questions, getting off your screen and getting in the same room to share these kinds of dialogues."

Savitt's show at the Cooper's Pub in St. Louis Park next Tuesday night is sold out. He is hoping to hold a second show in Minnesota as well as perform his work in Washington D.C.