Minnesota man fights off shark's attack in Hawaii

A Minnesota man fought off a tiger shark while he was knee boarding during a recent trip to Hawaii.

Mark Mason and his wife Beth were kneeboard about 150 yards out from their hotel beach in Maui when the shark attacked.

Mason said he felt a jolt and thought his wife had rammed into him with her paddleboard, but it was actually the jaws of a tiger shark clamped down on the back of his board.

“So then he kind of dove and twisted with the board in his mouth, so that sent the board up like this and I was on my knees so I just fell back,” Mason said. “My back landed right on his back. Then I hit him once or twice, then yelled shark and tried to jump back on the board and grabbed my oar in case he came back, but he never came back.”

He bought the board and is having it shipped back, as a trophy to go with his new title – shark attack survivor.

“Muskies, leeches – bring it on man,” Mason said. “I feel a little bulletproof right now [after] you get through something like that.”