Minnesota DNR's EagleCam is returning for the winter

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) popular EagleCam is returning this winter. 

The DNR announced on Thursday that the webcam is still in place and will be broadcasting again this year, even though the eagles lost their nest during a spring snowstorm. 

The EagleCam has been following a pair of eagles in their nest when the pair laid two eggs in February. One of the eggs broke, and the remaining egg continued to be incubated through the spring's rough winter weather. 

However, about a foot of heavy snow fell on April 1, 2023, and the branch of the eagle’s nest was broken. The DNR says the branch held the nest for 20 years before it fell. DNR staff went to the site and found that the 1-week-old chick did not survive the fall

The pair of eagles have continued to be seen around the area since the fall of their nest, which the DNR says is normal due to their loyalty to their territory. 

The DNR says it will have the EagleCam touring locations in the area where eagle activity has been observed. By next season, the EagleCam will focus on another eagle nest, which has been narrowed down to two locations, the DNR says. 

Viewers can watch the EagleCam on the DNR’s YouTube page.