Watering bans in effect in several cities amid June heat wave

As the extreme heat and drought conditions persist, more Minnesota cities are beginning to implement bans on watering. 

Most locations in Minnesota are over an inch below average rainfall so far this month and that puts many locations 3"-4" below average since March 1. As drought conditions worsen, we will also see a good portion of the state classified in the "very high" or "extreme" fire danger category this week. 


The City of Carver issued an emergency outdoor watering ban prohibiting all non-essential water use in the city, including watering lawns, gardens and other vegetation, washing vehicles, outdoor household uses, filling pools and other recreational uses of water. 

Residents with properties with newly planted grass seed or sod may apply for a special watering permit from the city to continue watering under the ban. 

The ban remains in effect until further notice. 


The City of Minnetrista has declared an emergency ban on outdoor watering, which went into effect on Wednesday and will remain in effect until further notice. The city says the water system facilities are pumping at maximum rates, but the water system cannot meet the current demand primarily due to home irrigation. 

The ban prohibits all outdoor watering by mechanical or automatic means and includes all non-essential water use, including watering lawns, washing vehicles, power washing homes and filling pools. Residents with properties that have new sod or seed must obtain permission to water.  

Residents are also encouraged to be more efficient in using water indoors whenever possible. 

Anyone who violates the ban could be charged with a misdemeanor and ordered to pay a fine. 


The City of Sartell issued a watering ban on Wednesday as the city is experiencing extremely low water levels due to the dry weather and increased use of irrigation systems. 

Under the ban, no irrigation is allowed on public or private properties, including city parks. The city’s splash pad is closed until further notice 

The city emphasized the ban does not affect hand watering. Residents can still water their plants or specific spots in their yards by hand if needed. 

People with new sod or seed can apply for a watering ban exemption, the city says. 

Sauk Rapids 

The City of Sauk Rapids implemented a watering ban on Wednesday, which will remain in effect until further notice. 

Under the ban, no irrigation is allowed on public or private properties, although properties with newly planted or seeded areas may be exempt from the ban. 

The city’s splash pad and pool is also closed until further notice. 

Some cities asking residents to voluntarily conserve water

Sauk Centre Public Utilities is asking residents to voluntarily conserve water in order to sustain the city’s water supply. Officials are asking residents to limit nonessential uses such as watering lawns and washing vehicles and recommend limiting outdoor water use to twice a week. 

Officials say if the high volume of water use continues, the city may need to implement a mandatory ban on sprinkling. 

Delano is also asking residents to conserve water when possible. 

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