Minneapolis Superintendent candidate meets with community to discuss concerns

Minneapolis Superintendent candidate Sergio Paez is in town until Wednesday meeting with parents, teachers, and others after allegations surfaced regarding staff at his former district abusing special education students.

Inside the Avenue Eater in North Minneapolis on Tuesday, Paez fielded questions he knew were coming by community members.

“As you probably imagine I have my professional future, and it’s important that when you have an allegation about a superintendent that you have a public response,” Paez told those in attendance.

And so far, Paez’s response has been to offer insight into the incident. He says each time he was made aware of alleged abuse he ordered an investigation.

Paez is the former superintendent of Holyoke Public Schools in Massachusetts.  He said it was his decision to visit Minneapolis to meet with board members and others who question his ability to lead the district.

The Minneapolis school board is expected to decide on Jan. 12 if they will continue with Paez as its preferred leader, or restart its search for a different new superintendent.