Minneapolis neighborhood celebrates after neighbor avoids being displaced

The Powderhorn community of Minneapolis is celebrating after a longtime resident learned she can stay put. 

Friday was supposed to be the day Miss Linda Taylor was displaced from her home. After living there for 18 years, her landlord wanted to sell the home in January, and told her she had to get ready to leave. 

The neighborhood came together and launched the community effort "Save Miss Linda’s Home" – which collected more than 400 signatures in less than two weeks. 

The landlord later agreed to rescind the order to vacate and sell the home to Miss Linda by June 30. Her home is just blocks away from where George Floyd was killed at 38th and Chicago. 

Taylor told FOX 9 the civil unrest of May 2020 made her want to stay in her home even more. 

"I want to stay because I believe in Powderhorn. I believe in the neighbors. This shows love and when you have love and unity, things are always going to be better," Taylor said. 

"Since the events in May 2020, we, as a community, have really banded together and gotten to know each other as neighbors and really kept each other safe," said community organizer Jenny Jones.

"When Miss Linda told one of the neighbors [about what was happening], the neighbors put out the call and we all banded together." 

To raise money for the house, Taylor will host an art show fundraiser on Monday. You can learn more and make a donation HERE.