Minneapolis mayor urges residents to follow social distancing guidelines on Halloween

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is urging his residents to take steps this Halloween to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While not issuing any bans on trick-or-treating, the mayor is asking anyone who is "hellbent" on trick-or-treating to take steps to social distance.

"Practice good hand hygiene, wear a safe cloth mask, avoid crowds, and keep your distance," the mayor explained. "If you're handing out candy, wear gloves. Don't act like a ghoul, designate a single person to distribute the candy -- and again, from a distance -- and do not leave out a bowl. Think of all those kids touching the same items. Gross."

The mayor is also recommending residents consider holding virtual parties to avoid large gatherings. Specifically for college students, he says there should be no house parties.

"Just don't do it," Frey tells students. "Stay in and for the love of God limit your parties to like ten people or less."