Minneapolis man shot by Amtrak police in Chicago, family demands answers

A Minneapolis man's family demands answers after he was shot by an Amtrak police officer in Chicago.

Chad Robertson, 25, remains in critical condition.

What led up to the shooting is still under investigation, but his family says he was shot for no reason.

"My brother said ‘Nina, why did they shoot me, I didn't do nothing,’" said Nina Robertson, Chad’s sister, at a press conference held on Friday.

Robertson was allegedly shot in the back by Amtrak police Wednesday night.

"They had a one hour layover in Chicago, which led to my brother being shot in his back,” said Nina Robertson.

Family members say the father of two was traveling back to Minnesota from a funeral when the shooting occurred.

Law enforcement sources suggest Amtrak officers were responding to a possible robbery near Union Station.

Why shots were fired remains unclear. Investigators allegedly later discovered drugs at the scene but found no weapon.

"This is just really heart-wrenching, so it is time to talk about peace and coming together," said Theresa Love Williams, Chad’s aunt.

In Minneapolis on Friday, Robertson's extended family also called for change.

Wednesday's shooting further strained relations with police in Chicago, where gun violence remains widespread.

"We want justice just like if we were to shoot somebody or if Chad were to shoot somebody we would be in jail right now," said Nina Robertson.

The officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave.

Chicago police are handling the investigation.