Minneapolis duplex fire displaces 6 people on Christmas

The Sunday afternoon tragedy that struck a two-family duplex on the 2900 block of Aldrich Avenue North set fire to the rain to Brenda Jones’ family.

“She just got her place two months ago and now she’s homeless again!” Jones exclaimed of her sister who lived on the second level of the duplex.

Jones’ sister, another adult, and three children and the family living downstairs are now among the displaced after a fire crept up on the family from above.

“I just thank to God she’s okay,” Jones’ said shaking her head.

Despite Jones’ relief, her family’s story is heartrending.

“My auntie died June 24 this year, my mom died Dec. 4 and my sister would’ve been dead, too, on Christmas Day. You know how bad that would’ve made me feel?” she asked.

“It’s never a good day, but I think it echoes a little bit harder on Christmas,” said Chief Jeremy Norton of Minneapolis’ Fire Station 2.

“It feels like almost every Christmas something happens,” the Chief said.

Norton believes while the families are lucky because there was no way anyone in the rental home could’ve heard it coming.

“Crews did not report any smoke detectors going off,” Norton informed with a raised brow.

When asked if the home was up to code Norton informed that detectives continue to investigate the matter.

Although Norton says the cause of the fire appears to be an electrical issue that began in the storage area above the second level of the home.

While the rain that fell on the city clearly set the tone for the two families affected this Christmas, Jones remains grateful.

“I just thank the Lord she got out and she was [awake] instead of [asleep]!”

Norton said the Christmas fire is a reminder to make sure the smoke detectors in your home are in working order.