Minneapolis community hopeful for long-term change as rebuilding efforts continue

Across Minneapolis, the effort to recover and rebuild will take a while. Now, among the outpouring of help, there is also hope that the state's actions to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department might actually mean something.

In the northside communities, community members rebuild and recover from the days of riots.

“Things are happening now and it’s taken too long,” volunteer Ashli Henderson said.

Henderson joined the supply drive on Broadway Avenue, feeding and supplying a few thousand people who don’t have stores to go to. Supplies kept coming in, with the National Guard helping carry the constant stream.

When told about the Minnesota Department of Human Rights’ investigation of MPD, Henderson said, “it’s about time. We need it, and we need it fast. Once we’re done conversing, when’s the action going to take place at that point?”

The move comes with questions, but State Senator Bobby Jo Champion sees it as only positive. 

“I’m hopeful. Whenever when someone says they’re going to do something, I’m hopeful,” he said.

There is fear, though, among some community leaders that this could undermine or even oust Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo.

“We stand with this chief and will continue to stand with this chief, and anyone that comes for him we’ll come between,” said retired MPD sergeant Lisa Clemons.

For now, many positive signs of moving forward come with hopes for long-term change.