Miami couple take wedding photos inside Target

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Courtesy: Evan R. Photography

Many couples register for their wedding at Target, but one Florida couple used the store for their first photos just before they were about to tie the knot. 

Newlyweds Michael Delvalle and Isabella Sablan only had one place in mind for their professional wedding photos: Target. They said it’s because the store became their favorite spot to spend time together over their eight-year relationship. 

Before the bullseye-loving bride and groom officially wed in front of eight guests at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens on January 26, they stopped at North Miami Target to take the non-traditional pictures, captured by Evan R. Photography. 

They posed on a bike, in the frozen food aisle, and surrounded by red carts, they shared a slushie. 
The new Mr. and Mrs say they are looking forward to more Target trips together, until death do they part.