Metro Transit updates NexTrip to better predict bus arrivals

Metro Transit's NexTrip system software, which predicts bus arrival times, just got a big boost.
Metro Transit spent just under a $1 million to update the decade-old system. It had become a source of frustration for many riders.

The updated software shows more accurate traffic conditions, which Metro Transit officials hope will help customers, especially during the colder months.

“In winter weather, having access to reliable information becomes a safety issue,” said Laura Matson with Metro Transit. “We need to make sure customers can depend that their bus is coming and people are only using transit for essential trips right now, so we know people need to get on that bus, on that train from Point A to Point B for whatever reason.”

NexTrip syncs with popular apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Metro Transit's website. It also updates trip times for Maple Grove Transit, Plymouth, and Southwest Transit as well.

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