Mask mandate takes effect in Minnesota

Saturday marked the first day of Minnesota's mask mandate, put into effect by Governor Walz to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Earlier in the week, Walz issued the mandate ordering Minnesotans to wear masks or face coverings in any indoor public spot or business. With the order, Minnesota joined more than 30 states that have issued mask mandates.

At businesses like Big Thrill Factory in Minnetonka, a sign that used to read "masks recommended" now changed with the issuance of statewide mask mandate.

"We had a really high rate of mask-wearers prior to the mandate," said Maria Wuollet. "I think everyone is getting used to that and starting to wear them."

The mandate came after many cities had already required masks inside.

Minnesota's mandate requires anyone over the age of 5 to wear a mask when indoors unless they cannot do so because of medical reasons. If someone chooses not to wear a mask, the mandate allows businesses to take appropriate disciplinary action.

"This is a requirement around the whole state, wherever you go," said Wuollet. "So it's not a surprise. If someone doesn’t want to do it, we're going to ask them maybe they can come back another time when masks aren’t required."

Until then, Wuollet says they will continue to do what they can to help slow the spread while providing families a place to escape for a little while.

"For us, if that allows us to continue to be in business, have our doors open and to allow people to come and have a place to have fun then by all means," she said. "We'll do what we’ve got to do we just want people to have a safe place to have fun and let loose."

Those who don’t comply with the mandate could face a fine of up to $100. Right now, there is no expiration date on the statewide mandate.