"March 4 Trump" supporters demand charges against counterprotesters

Trump supporters from the “March 4 Trump” gathered on Saturday demanding charges against the six people arrested at the rally. Those in the march said they had no idea their demonstration was a target.

“Nobody had any idea what was going to happen to us,” said Kathy Burket, a President Trump supporter that was at the rally on March 4.

Three weeks after the rally became violent, Trump supporters came back to the Capitol, demanding charges against counter-protesters they say brought violence to the Capitol rotunda.

“I can tell you there has never been anything close to what happened that day,” said Keith Downey, Minnesota Republican Party Chair.

Downey was among hundreds gathered for the rally.

Witnesses at the pro-Trump event described a chaotic and confusing scene. Counter-protesters entered the Capitol rotunda, and allegedly assaulted some of those gathered.

Burket said she was hit in the head, and others told police they were maced and even tased.

“This was in a league of rioting and physical violence that I don’t think has ever been experienced here,” said Downey.

Six people were later arrested, including the son of former Vice Presidential Nominee Tim Kaine. So far, no charges have been filed.

“What is taking so long to hold these people accountable for their actions?” Burket asked.

Many seemed to wonder the same question at Saturday’s event, and say they will continue to ask for as long as it takes.

The investigation remains active, the charging decision ultimately rests with Ramsey County Attorney John Choi.