Local workshop makes carts helping people with disabilities throughout world

You might not know it, but Minneapolis is home to one of the 22 workshops across the country that build PETs, or Personal Energy Transportation carts.

The devices are especially useful for people with disabilities in developing countries where disease, birth defeats, and injuries are high.

"The WHO estimates that between 15 and 20 million people worldwide could make use of this cart," Conn says. "And that's sort of a mind-boggling number... The idea is to give them something with not only utility in terms of mobility but also to haul things."

The Minneapolis facility produces about four carts a week, or 200 annually. All workers volunteer their time.

"We are so blessed, we have people from literally all over the state," Conn says.

That makes the Minneapolis workshop an important part of a much bigger picture. Across the country as a whole, some 50,000 carts have been build since the 1990s when PETs International began.

If you'd like to learn more about PETs, check out the organization's website here.

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