Minnesota casts its 10 electoral votes for President-elect Biden

Minnesota has cast its 10 electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

The brief vote Monday afternoon featured no drama and comes as state electors across the country meet for the Electoral College to formalize Biden and Harris's win. Biden won Minnesota by 233,000 votes, or 52-45 percent.

The vote took place in a mostly empty House chamber because of social distancing rules. There is a significant security presence outside the House chamber and elsewhere around the Capitol.

"There are those in our country who have tried to cast doubt on the outcome of the election," Secretary of State Steve Simon said in a speech before the vote. "This meeting of the Electoral College in Minnesota and all other U.S. jurisdictions will be the latest validation that democracy worked in America in 2020."

The Minnesota asembly's  brief vote featured no drama as Minnesota law doesn't allow faithless electors.

Minnesota’s 10 electors are from the Democratic-Farmer Labor Party and include: Mark Liebow, Roxanne Mindeman, Cheryl Poling, Diana Tastad-Damer, Travis Thompson, Melvin Aanerud, Nancy Larson, Joel Heller, Nausheena Hussain, and Muhammad Abdurrahman. The alternate electors include Linda Wunderlich, Greg Hansen, Ben Hackett, D’Andre Gordon, Alfreda Daniels, Zarina Baber, Alan Perish, Helen Clanaugh, Renita Fisher, and Henry Fischer

In November’s election, American voters selected Joe Biden to be the next president and Kamala Harris to be his vice president. Biden earned 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.

In accordance with Title 3, Section 7 of the United States Code, the Electoral College gathers following the second Wednesday of December.

Vermont's electors were the first in the nation to vote, giving the state's three electoral votes to Biden and Harris. Some meetings began at 10 a.m. ET, while many will convene in the afternoon. Hawaii’s electors will cast votes at 7 p.m. Live update from across the U.S.