Legislators return to session at newly-renovated Capitol

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The new year comes with a new legislative session and a renovated home for state lawmakers.

With the session starting Tuesday, there’s a lot to get done that wasn’t accomplished in 2016.

And after more than three years, it’s down to the nitty gritty with construction crew in on the holiday, adding the final touches to the building.

Right before Christmas, the four legislative leaders met with Capitol press to give insight on their agendas for this long session.

Health insurance premiums are a top priority for all members, and Governor Dayton challenged the legislature to tackle the issue in the first week.

The stalled tax cut bill, still on the table from last year, now comes with a $1.4 billion surplus. Republicans will likely push for bigger cuts in 2017.

Legislators will also return focus to transportation spending, which was stalled out last session in the final hours due to light rail funding. It should accelerate now that the project has since found money elsewhere.
Incoming Senate Majority Leader, Republican Paul Gazelka, said he hopes for better bipartisanship this year.