Kris Lindahl purchases Houston billboards promoting Minnesota Twins

A well-known realtor throughout the Twin Cities has purchased dozens of billboards in the Houston area to cheer on the Minnesota Twins as they begin the American League Division Series against the Astros.

Kris Lindahl has purchased 45 billboards around the Houston airport and Minute Maid Park that say, "Hey, Mattress Mack You’ve Never Seen Twins Like This! Love, Kris Lindahl," according to an announcement.

Houston area entrepreneur Matrress Mack has long been a supporter of the Astros, often placing substantial bets on them to win.

"I love the Twins, and I wanted traveling Twins fans to feel a little piece of home when they hit the ground in Houston. We’re so excited about this series in Minnesota that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to nudge Mattress Mack a little bit and let him and Astros fans know they’re not the only ones all-in on this postseason," Lindahl said in an announcement.

The Twins will hope to continue their winning streak against the Astros on Saturday, Oct. 7.