Kidnapped Minnesota baby safely recovered after standoff in Kentucky

A seven-week-old child born in Minnesota has been recovered after being taken, and a standoff over its custody ended safely in Kentucky. 

According to police, on Jan. 12, a report was made to Scott County Child Protection that a baby had been brought to an emergency room with injuries.  

After speaking with the parents, Child Protection Services, "wanted the juvenile placed on a safety hold, in the care of a family member until further tests and interviews could be conducted due to the nature of the injury and age of the infant," according to a press release. At the time, the baby was placed in the care of their grandmother.

On Jan. 17, it was reported that the child's parents had taken the baby on the evening of Jan. 16, after the grandmother had rescinded her role as its caregiver, according to the announcement.

The Savage Police Department and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) determined the vehicle they were likely traveling in was last seen pulling a U-Haul trailer in both St. Paul, and then Chicago. The vehicle was later located in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Lexington Police Department verified their presence and attempted to make contact, but they refused to exit the vehicle, according to police.

After six hours of negotiations, the parents were taken into custody and arrested on felony kidnapping warrants, the press release said. The parents, 28-year-old Zachariah Whitehead and 29-year-old Amanda Wamack, were charged via warrant on Tuesday in Scott County with one count of kidnapping. 

The child has since been safely removed from the home and treated by emergency personnel as a precaution before being placed into protective custody.