Jamal Smith trial: Jury reaches guilty verdict in Plymouth road rage incident

After more than 16 hours of deliberations, a jury has made a decision in the fate of Jamal Smith, who is accused of shooting Jay Boughton on Highway 169 during a road rage incident.

On Thursday jurors reached a consensus verdict of guilty on all counts against Jamal Smith in a deadly road rage shooting in Plymouth. Smith is now facing a mandatory life sentence.

"This is one piece of a long journey that the Boughton family will be on," said Boughton's brother-in-law Stephen Robinson. "There's no joy or celebrating in this, but it's a good feeling to see the truth come out on all counts."

Jurors previously told Judge Nicole Engisch that they have reached a consensus verdict on a second-degree murder charge and a lower charge, but had been unable to reach a consensus on the top charge: first-degree murder.

Jury deliberations began Tuesday in Smith's trial in the murder of youth baseball coach Jay Boughton on Highway 169 in July 2021.

Prosecutors say Smith opened fire from his vehicle, hitting Boughton in the head, after a fit of road rage. 

Taking the stand on Monday, Smith admitted in court that he had been driving the vehicle involved that night, but placed the blame on a friend for firing the shots – saying he didn't even know what happened when the shots were fired.