'Minnesota Legends: Juicy (Jucy) Lucy': Full documentary

A documentary that delves into the savory history of the legendary Juicy (Jucy) Lucy burger is now available on-demand on your big-screen TV via FOX LOCAL

The half-hour documentary, titled "Minnesota Legends: Juicy (Jucy) Lucy" ,is available on your smart TV for free via FOX LOCAL and in the player above. Below, FOX 9's Tim Blotz talks with photographer Sean Skinner about the making of the documentary. 

What ‘Minnesota Legends: Juicy (Jucy) Lucy’ is about

DOC 9 Presents "Minnesota Legends: Juicy (Jucy) Lucy" is a half-hour documentary that delves into the savory history and cultural significance of the iconic Juicy (Jucy) Lucy burger. This journey traces the burgers' origins and explores its profound impact on the culinary landscape, particularly in the Twin Cities.

Unraveling the intriguing tale of Juicy (Jucy) Lucy's birth, including the historic moment when two competing bars in Minneapolis claimed to have created this legendary burger stuffed with molten cheese. Through interviews with local notables, chefs, and longtime residents, we look to uncover the basis of the heated debate(including the correct spelling), surrounding the true pioneer of the Juicy (Jucy) Lucy. All while adding an extra layer of spice to the burger's narrative, noticing its role in shaping the area's culinary identity, and fostering a sense of camaraderie and rivalry among burger lovers.

We hope to serve up a delightful blend of history, culture, and gastronomy, celebrating the enduring legacy of a burger that has left an indelible mark on the Minneapolis and St. Paul food scene and continues to tantalize taste buds far beyond its Midwestern roots.